FIH Club Development Manual This manual and CD aims to support and encourage hockey associations and clubs to further develop and promote themselves. Content: FIH Club Development Manual Download This Club Development Manual is a “Menu based” model, from which NAs and clubs can select any item(s) which will be useful for them. The manual has 4 sections:

  1. Creating a (better) club

    • Starting a club or regional association
    • Club planning
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Partnerships – linking hockey clubs with schools and the community
    • Facilities
  2. Club Management

    • Roles and responsibilities of the Board
    • Meetings
    • Training and facilitation of paid and voluntary staff
    • Fundraising and sponsorship
    • Marketing and promotion
  3. Putting it into Practice

    • Club event management
    • Modified games
  4. Junior Development

    • Parent orientation sessions
    • Junior recruitment sessions
    • Mini hockey

The manual and CD can be used by stand-alone hockey clubs, multi sports clubs, company clubs, as well as by regional and national hockey associations.

FIH Club Development Manual Download

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