COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – December 12, 2016 – The U.S. Men’s Masters Committee is pleased to announce the traveling rosters for the inaugural 2017 IMHA Masters Indoor World Cup to be held February 2-5, 2017 in Krefeld, Germany. The USA teams selected include three players who have competed for the U.S. Men’s National Team in previous Indoor World Cups, including Steve Danielson (2003 and 2011), Olaf Maack (2003) and Peter Jones (2003 and coach 2011). Danielson also represented the United States in the Atlanta 1996 Olympics Games.

Having participated in the three prior Masters Outdoor World Cups in Canterbury, England (2012), Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2014) and Canberra, Australia (2016), this will be the fourth Masters World Cup for Warren Prestwich, Ian Wagge and Peter Jones. This will also be the fourth international U.S. Masters event for Ashley Jones, who will serve as the lead of video analysis.

Racking up their third Masters World Cups will be Jonathan Drucker, Bob Khosla, Olaf Maack, Manuel Morales, Jeremy Roberts and Vernon Vassou. Second-timers will be Tommy Hoang, Fernando Diez de Oñate, Greg Pereira, Fede Baudini, Harry Labana and Paul Lewis. This will be the second World Cup for Neville Gardner in the role of team manager.

That leaves a special congratulations to those making their first Masters World Cup team: Don MacPherson, Steve Danielson, Hugo Mazzalupi, Barry Merriman, Angus Miller, David Sculley, Garfield Stewart, Sau Thong Lee and Rutger Wiese.

The team is extremely fortunate to have a sports medicine doctor with a wealth of experience accompanying the squad. Dr. Doug Cutter is part of HCA VA Sports Medicine and affiliated with HCA Chippenham Hospital. He has volunteered at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. and accompanied U.S. Men’s National Indoor Team on tours to Europe and to the Pan American Indoor Championship.

Also joining the travel squad is Physiotherapist Anja Hossbach. Hossbach accompanied the U.S. Women’s Masters Teams to the 2016 Masters World Cup in Canberra, Australia. In addition to once again being the women’s team physiotherapist, Hossbach will also act as physiotherapist for both competing men’s teams.

U.S. O-40 Men’s Team U.S. O-50 Men’s Team
Fede Baudini (Doral, Fla.) Fernando Diez de Oñate (Key Biscayne, Fla.)
Steve Danielson (Stanford, Calif.) Jonathan Drucker (Coral Gables, Fla.)
Harry Labana (Mountain View, Calif.) Tommy Hoang (Westlake Village, Calif.)
Paul Lewis (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Bob Khosla (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Hugo Mazzalupi (Wayne, Pa.) Peter Jones (Stamford, Conn.)
Barry Merriman (Washington, D.C.) Olaf Maack (San Diego, Calif.)
Angus Miller (Bedminster, N.J.) Don MacPherson (Lee, N.H.)
David Sculley (Cambridge, Mass.) Manuel Morales (Miami, Fla.)
Garfield Stewart (Bayshore, N.Y.) Greg Pereira (Fulton, Md.)
Sau Thong Lee (Vienna, Va.) Warren Prestwich (Parkville, Md.)
Vernon Vassou (Arlington, Va.) Jeremy Roberts (Beltsville, Md.)
Rutger Wiese (Boston, Mass.) Ian Wagge (Scottsdale, Ariz.)
Alternates: (no order) Alternates: (no order)
David Peel (Perry Hall, Md.) Dieter Hillert (Encinitas, Calif.)
Lakhvinder Singh (San Ramon, Calif.) Alexander Rooks (Belmont, Mass.)
Talat Cheema (Newton, Mass.) Muzammal Malik (Westminster, Md.)
CJ Singh (Keller, Texas) Brian Spencer (Moorpark, Calif.)
Srinu Karuturi (Monroe Township, N.J.)
Peter Jones & Steve Danielson
Neville Gardner
Head of Video Analysis:
Ashley Jones
Sports Medicine Physician:
Douglas Cutter, M.D.
Team Physiotherapist:
Anja Hossbach