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Trusted by thousands of dividend investors, with over $1.3 Billion in assets tracked.

A Better Way to Manage Your Portfolio

Quit tracking everything by hand, or by using complicated Excel spreadsheets.

How Safe Is Your Income?

Using our Dividend Grade tool, you can get an overall grade based on the safety of each company and the dividend they payout.

Metric Evaluations

We take care of the heavy lifting for you. Using our Dividend Grade, you can quickly get a feel for how risky a particular investment may be by running them through our rigorous checklist.

Build The Best Dividend Portfolio

Let The Dividend Tracker take care of all the heavy lifting for you. We've got analytic tools and calculators to project portfolio value, dividend earnings, and more.

Stock Breakdown

Research and analyze different metrics to find the best dividend stock to add to your portfolio.


Project future dividend income or see the amount of shares needed to meet your personal income goals.

Always In The Loop

Get notified instantly via email as companies announce dividend increases and new payment dates.


The Dividend Tracker will show you exactly how much income you can expect to bring in from your portfolio, projected over the next 12 months.

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